Skin Cancer

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  • Erythromycin - Medicine Guide

    ...Bacterial infections Pain Inflammatory skin conditions Heart failure and oedema...arthritis Diabetes Blood and bone marrow cancers Mood Disorders Asthma See more...pseudomembranous colitis seizures skin rash or rashes Stevens-Johnson syndrome...

    electronic Medicines Compendium, 26 January 2011 - Publisher: eMC Medicine Guides, Datapharm Communications Ltd - Publication type: Patient Information

  • MI - secondary prevention - NICE CKS al. (2010) Cardiovascular and cancer mortality in very elderly post-myocardial...eating red meat, use lean cuts. Remove the skin from poultry. Eat two to four portions...eating red meat, use lean cuts. Remove the skin from poultry. Eat two to four portions...

    Clinical Knowledge Summaries, 11 December 2007

  • NICE issues guidance on the management of acute diarrhoea and vomiting due to gastoenteritis in children under 5

    ...physical examination in which the skin is pressed by the clinician...blanched and the time taken for the skin to return to its previous colour...effectiveness and safety of a new cancer drug compared with the old treatment...occupation on the incidence of lung cancer. Logistic regression and meta...

    22 April 2009 - Publisher: NICE - Publication type: Guideline

  • HPA updates guidance on management of infections in primary care

    ...candidiasis in patients receiving treatment for cancer. 1A+ Drugs fully absorbed (fluconazole...planus, herpes simplex infection, oral cancer) needs to be evaluated and treated...preventing oral candidiasis for patients with cancer receiving treatment (Review). The Cochrane...

    31 August 2010 - Publisher: Health Protection Agency (HPA) - Publication type: News - News

Results 31 - 34 (of 34)