Irreversible electroporation for treating primary liver cancer - guidance (IPG444)

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE
Publication date:
23 February 2013


Evidence-based recommendations on irreversible electroporation for treating primary liver cancer. This involves a process that uses electrical pulses to kill cancer cells.

Is this guidance up to date?

We checked this guidance in June 2019 and we are updating it. See the guideline in development page for progress on the update.

Guidance development process

How we develop NICE interventional procedures guidance

Coding recommendations

Percutaneous approach with image guidance:

J12.8 Other specified other therapeutic percutaneous operations on liver
Y12.3 Electrochemotherapy to lesion of organNOC
Y53.- Approach to organ under image control

In addition ICD-10 code C22.9 Malignant neoplasm of liver, unspecified is assigned.

The NHS Classifications Service has advised NICE that currently these are the most suitable OPCS-4 codes to describe this procedure. The OPCS-4 classification is designed to categorise procedures for analysis and it is not always possible to identify a procedure uniquely.