[PDF] Road safety: a guide for local councillors in England

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - RoSPA
Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
Publication date:
24 May 2013


The challenge of reducing preventable deaths and injuries on the road has become even greater in recent years with the need to significantly reduce public spending. Local authorities in particular have faced substantial budget and spending restrictions, which affect their ability to deliver the vast range of essential public services for which they are responsible. While road safety must accept its share of these restrictions, cutting road safety services too far will mean more people being killed or injured. Despite these challenges, local authorities can continue to deliver effective road safety services that help to keep their people alive and healthy by ensuring that their road safety services are:

  • Evidence-informed
  • Co-ordinated with other public services
  • Designed and delivered in partnership
  • Evaluated to ensure effectiveness

This Guide shows how you can help to achieve this in your role as a local Councillor.