[PDF] Kidney health: delivering excellence. A progress report for 2017

British Transplantation Society
British Renal Society;British Transplantation Society;Renal Association
Publication date:
19 May 2017


The two National Service Frameworks (NSF) for Kidney Care produced in 2004 and 2005 provided a ten-year strategic guide for kidney professionals and policy makers. In 2012 the kidney community agreed to come together to create a vision for future kidney care. This was articulated in the 16 ambitions of the 2013 Kidney Health: Delivering Excellence report. The report reviewed progress against the NSF; it did not specify what a service should look like, but tackled the more fundamental matter of what a service should achieve from the patient perspective. The intention was that this would encourage national and local policymakers to decide how best to deliver the service, allowing for local conditions, and maintain the relevance of the ambitions in a changing NHS landscape.

This review summarises the progress made against the community’s ambitions. We believe that the Kidney Health report has been a positive force for change and shows clearly what can be achieved by working together for a common goal. After its launch, a high level of awareness of the report was achieved at national level. It has had a significant impact and has led to, or influenced, a number of important initiatives that are contributing towards the delivery of many of its ambitions. However, it is also clear that work needs to continue in order to achieve further improvements for kidney patients. Some areas in the report are largely unaddressed; others are the subject of initiatives at very early stages of development.