[PDF] The Silver book: Quality care for older people with urgent & emergency care needs

Royal College of Emergency Medicine - RCEM
Royal College of Emergency Medicine;Age UK;Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
Publication date:
19 June 2012


The increase in the number of older people has been well rehearsed and their health and social care needs are well documented. While most health and social care professionals come into contact with older people in a variety of settings, it is often in the acute situation, often out of hours or when traditional office hour services are not available, that the challenges are most pressing. Older people seldom have one single condition and usually have multiple comorbidities across the physical and mental health spectrum, with the added challenge of adverse social circumstances as the norm. Following on the success of a handbook of standards for the emergency care of children, this ‘Silver Book’ aims to present an overview of many of the most pressing and clinical and social problems met by older people when they present in an emergency. The authors have put together a truly comprehensive review of this incredibly and increasingly important, group of individuals. It spans issues primarily concerning single physical problems to those concerning mental health and, all importantly, a combination of the two. It provides practical and straightforward advice in a readily digestible, yet supremely authoritative way. It establishes standards for safe and effective emergency care of older people. The Silver Book should be the ideal companion to everyone who may come into contact with an older person in the acute setting and for whom the best treatment and care of that older person, while preserving their independence and dignity are the highest priority. It will also provide an important reference for those commissioning such services or studying the quality of the care delivered.