[PDF] Recommendations for unscheduled and emergency care in Northern Ireland

Royal College of Emergency Medicine - RCEM
Royal College of Emergency Medicine
Publication date:
01 September 2014


Unscheduled and Emergency Care services in Northern Ireland are facing profound challenges to deliver safe, efficient and effective patient care as demand continues to rise. In April and June 2014 the RCEM convened two emergency summits that brought together key stakeholders including policy makers, regulators and leaders in acute healthcare in order to develop solutions to the challenges in Northern Ireland's A&E departments.    'Recommendations for Unscheduled and Emergency Care in Northern Ireland' sets out 18 recommendations to address the current challenges, the purpose of which is to maximise the effectiveness of these services whilst improving patient and staff experience.     The reports recommendations are supported by the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Nursing Officer of Northern Ireland. The aim of these recommendations is to identify best practice strategies on which to build greater capacity and resilience across the system.