[PDF] Building national programmes of Patient Blood Management (PBM) in the EU - A guide for health authorities

European Commission
European Commission
Publication date:
04 April 2017


In recognition of the important role of PBM in promoting patient safety and improving clinical outcomes, the European Union (EU) Public Health Programme called for tenders in 2013 for a service contract that would support the progress of PBM in the EU. The contract was awarded to a team led by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.   This guide for national authorities, and an equivalent one for hospitals, were delivered to the European Commission under that contract. They have no regulatory or legally–binding status but are intended as tools to support NAs and hospitals in EU Member States in establishing PBM as a standard to improve quality and safety of patient care. In order to ensure appropriate and optimal use of blood and blood components (5, 6), transfusion decisions should always adhere to current evidence-based guidelines, and be taken after careful evaluation of a variety of patient-specific and patient-group-specific factors.