[PDF] Long term condition scenario: Frailty

NHS RightCare
NHS RightCare
Publication date:
31 January 2017


In this scenario – using a fictional patient, Janet – we examine a frailty care pathway, comparing a sub-optimal but typical scenario against an ideal pathway. At each stage we have modelled the costs of care, both financial to the commissioner but also the impact on the person and their family’s outcomes and experience.

This document is intended to help commissioners and providers understand the implications – both in terms of quality of life and costs – of shifting the care pathway of older people living with frailty from a reactive approach (primarily based on an acute response) to a proactive approach, e.g. providing an integrated primary care and community-based response, with support from the voluntary sector. It shows how the RightCare methodology can help clinicians and commissioners improve the value and outcomes of the care pathway.

The scenario is available as a full narrative document and two summary slide packs: