[PDF] Cancer follow up care : the views of patients and carers expressed in a range of focus groups

Picker Institute Europe
Picker Institute Europe
Publication date:
31 May 2008


The Picker Institute was commissioned by NHS Improvement (formerly the Cancer Services Collaborative 'Improvement Partnership') and Macmillan Cancer Support to examine patient and carer views of health and social care services following treatment for cancer.

To gather opinions, five focus groups were held with people who had direct experience of cancer follow up care. The five groups were made up of one group of carers as well as four groups of patients who had experience of one of the following aspects of cancer care:

  • gynaecological and breast cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • invasive procedures
  • long term side effects

The views gathered were examined to identify both commonality and difference of opinion. In addition the views of each group were separately examined to establish both areas of consensus and disagreement between the groups.