[PDF] Intimate partner violence

Canadian Psychiatric Association
Publication date:
01 June 2013


The term intimate partner violence (IPV) describes physical, sexual, or psychological harm by a current or former partner or spouse. IPV is essentially a violation of human rights and a preventable exposure associated with serious consequences that needs to be addressed through social, educational, and legal policies. This paper aims to discuss the epidemiology of IPV, including prevalence, risk factors, special populations, associated impairment in health (with a focus on mental health), exposure to IPV among children, identification, assessment, documentation, management, treatment, prognosis, prevention, education, and research. The scope also includes a summary of the current state of knowledge about IPV and provides recommendations for best practice in psychiatry. In general, the paper highlights key findings and common themes from the highest-quality evidence available internationally, with a special focus on Canadian data.