[PDF] Young children's well-being : domains and contexts of development from birth to age 8

National Children's Bureau
National Children's Bureau
Publication date:
01 February 2009


This review provides an overview of indicators used to research and  measure the well-being of young children from birth to age 8. While there is  no one agreed definition of well-being, experts generally agree that the  term should be used to encompass the developmentally appropriate tasks,  milestones and contexts throughout the life course that are known to  influence current quality of life and happiness and pave the way for future  health and success.  A specific focus on children’s well-being has grown substantially over the  past several decades due, in part, to advancements in data collection and  analysis that have paved the way for the establishment of indicators as a  way of measuring and monitoring well-being over time. Outcomes-based  assessment, of which indicators are a key, is an increasingly important part  of the UK policy landscape.