[PDF] Monitoring care for female breast cancer patients in Northern Ireland diagnosed 2012 (with comparisons to 1996, 2001 and 2006)

Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network - GAIN
Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network (GAIN)
Publication date:
01 March 2015


Cancer services in Northern Ireland have improved in recent years. Developments have spanned prevention, early detection and screening, diagnosis, management and palliative care. The Northern Ireland Cancer Registry has played an important role in monitoring this progress.

This third report on breast cancer is the eighteenth in a series of reports on a wide range of cancers that examine in detail the pathways of care for patients. It provides a detailed insight into the diagnosis and care received by breast cancer patients in 2012. By comparing with previous years, the report illustrates significant improvement in services with evidence of greater concentration of specialist expertise, more patients included in clinical trials, better access for most patients to a clinical nurse specialist, and better targeting of treatments to yield most benefit for the patient.