[PDF] The European Commission's communication on alcohol and the WHO framework for alcohol policy : analysis to guide development of national alcohol action plans

WHO Regional Office for Europe - WHO Europe
WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO Europe)
Publication date:
17 June 2010


This public health analysis examines the supporting documentation for the formulation and implementation of the European Commission’s 2006 Communication on a strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm and the framework for alcohol policy in the WHO European Region, to provide guidance for the development of national action plans on alcohol. This report also examines relevant findings from projects co-financed by the Commission.

The analysed materials call for strong, coordinated action across all relevant policy domains to reduce alcohol-related harm, supported by national action plans and backed by the European Union (EU). The Communication focuses on mapping present action and sharing experience, while the framework calls for national infrastructure to implement effective action. National action plans should complement implementation of the Communication and the framework by emphasizing action that regulates alcohol price, availability and marketing, which will help reduce the burden of alcohol-related harm.