[PDF] WHO guidelines for safe surgery 2009 : safe surgery saves lives

World Health Organization
World Health Organization (WHO)
Publication date:
01 January 2009


The goal of the WHO Patient Safety Safe Surgery Saves Lives  Challenge is to improve the safety of surgical care around the world  by defining a core set of safety standards that can be applied in all  countries and settings. Working groups of international experts were  created to review the literature and the experiences of clinicians around  the world and to achieve consensus on safety practice in four topic  areas: teamwork, anaesthesia, prevention of surgical site infection  and measurement of surgical services. Contributors with expertise  in surgery, anaesthesia, nursing, infectious diseases, epidemiology,  biomedical engineering, health systems, quality improvement and  other related fields, as well as patients and patient safety groups, were  recruited from each of the WHO regions. They then solicited further  input from practitioners and other stakeholders worldwide.