[PDF] CUA guidelines on the management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Canadian Urological Association
Canadian Urological Association
Publication date:
01 July 2015


This is an update of the previously published 2009 Canadian guidelines on the management of NMIBC, emphasizing intravesical therapy.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, bladder cancer is the fifth most common cancer overall, accounting for 7800 cases/year. The most common type of histology is urothelial carcinoma (greater than 90%), followed by adenocarcinoma, squamous cell, and small cell carcinoma. Risk factors associated with bladder cancer include smoking, chronic inflammatory changes in the bladder (due to persistent bladder stones, recurrent urinary tract infections, chronic indwelling catheters or schistosomiasis), and chemotherapeutic exposure, such as cyclophosphamide.