[PDF] Standard Operating Procedures for PET/CT: A Practical Approach for Use in Adult Oncology : IAEA Human Health Series 26

International Atomic Energy Agency
International Atomic Energy Agency
Publication date:
01 July 2013


The information provided here is felt to be important in the light of the  growing need to standardize and optimize the way PET/CT scans are performed,  not only to enable trials using FDG-PET/CT in different institutions to be  compared and correlated, but also to allow for more accurate comparisons  of scans performed on the same patient at different points in time at a single  institution. This is important when assessing the response to cancer therapy,  and especially so when this evaluation is performed early and after using novel  targeted treatments that very often only produce changes in metabolic activity  and not in lesion/tumour size. This is the reason why strictly following a correct  imaging protocol is crucial. The reliability of the PET/CT imaging information  in cancer patients depends on trustworthy and consistently applied protocols.  This issue has current relevance in drug discovery and development, where PET/ CT imaging with FDG and other radiotracers is viewed by the pharmaceutical  industry as potentially useful for shortening the process of clinical validation of  new drugs.