[PDF] The contribution of continuity of midwifery care to high quality maternity care

Royal College of Midwives - RCM
Royal College of Midwives
Publication date:
01 March 2014


Approximately 45 per cent of women are classified as low risk at the end of pregnancy and the challenge is to provide a choice of midwife led settings for this group of women, whilst improving quality of care for women are higher risk or with social complexity. It is with this group of women that midwife-led models of continuity of care have the potential to improve quality and safety of care , several models already exist such as caseloading for women classified as vulnerable, or midwife caseloading as part of a multi-disciplinary hospital based team for women with serious medical and obstetric complications and further research is needed on the potential for midwifery continuity models to improve quality of care for this group of women who arguably need intensive midwifery support and care.