[PDF] An evaluation of the impact of nurse, midwife and health visitor consultants

National Nursing Research Unit
National Nursing Research Unit (NNRU)
Publication date:
10 September 2004


This project was a follow-up to the earlier study of the establishment of nurse, midwife and health visitor consultants. Six key aims were to:
  • explore the impact of the role on patient care and related outcome
  • assess how far consultants are leaders
  • test the job innovation model developed in the first study
  • examine how consultants are 'crafting' the role to ensure that it remains manageable
  • determine whether early role experiences predict later performance, motivation, commitment and other attitudes and behaviour of consultants
  • explore the ‘systems’ implications of the consultant role in terms of its impact on the supply of high quality nurses, midwives and health visitors and on the careers of consultants.