[PDF] Psychological support for adults living with HIV (service user leaflet)

Medical Foundation for Aids and Sexual Health - MedFASH
Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health (MedFASH);British HIV Association (BHIVA);British Psychological Society
Publication date:
01 January 2014


BPS awarded a grant to its Faculty of HIV and Sexual Health, to create an easy-to-read version of the 2011 publication, aimed at people living with HIV.

The development of this pamphlet was informed by focus groups with service users at Terrence Higgins Trust ( THT) and the African Health Policy Network (AHPN) in London, and George House Trust (GHT) in Manchester. 

Informative and accessible but relevant to a reader who may be questioning their own need for some psychological support, the pamphlet includes symptoms of psychological difficulties such as anxiety and depression as well as case studies of people receiving different levels of psychological support.  This 10-page version is for readers to download.