[PDF] Halving late diagnosis of HIV - a toolkit for local action

Medical Foundation for Aids and Sexual Health - MedFASH
Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health (MedFASH)
Publication date:
30 June 2014


Halve It is a coalition of national experts working to reduce the proportion of people undiagnosed and late- diagnosed with HIV. Early diagnosis of HIV increases life expectancy, reduces the risk of hospitalisation, AIDS- related illness and associated costs, and lowers onward transmission of infection.

This document is a report of the work carried out in Greater Manchester to pilot a process for engagement of stakeholders to ensure the local delivery of the national Halve It goals. It combines a commentary on the process undertaken within Greater Manchester with a checklist of suggested key actions and reflections on how the Greater Manchester experience can inform other local areas. In the course of the work a number of learning points emerged, which are summarised below and addressed in more detail in the body of the report. Many will also have resonance for developing local action on other public health issues.