Race equality action plan: a five year review

SCIE Social Care Online
National Mental Health Development Unit
Publication date:
01 January 2010


This review looks back at the 5 year Delivering Race Equality in Mental Health Services (DRE) programme. The DRE action plan was designed to reduce inequalities in how people from a range of communities access, experience and achieve outcomes from mental health services.  It was developed on the basis that people from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in England do not always get the quality of mental health care to which they are entitled. The DRE action plan aimed to tackle discrimination in NHS and local authority mental health services, and was based on 3 building blocks: better, more responsive services; better engagement of services with their local communities; and better information. The plan also included 12 goals (termed ‘characteristics’) where improvements should be made and 78 actions to help identify specific approaches. The programme reached its planned end date in January 2010. This report: discusses the environment and context in which DRE operated; sets out and assesses progress, learning and achievements of the DRE programme; discusses progress and measurement in relation to experience, access and outcomes for people from BME communities; and sets out proposals for how the work of the DRE programme can inform current and future work in health and social care to address inequalities in mental health.