Getting on well together: councils working with older people

SCIE Social Care Online
Local Government Association; Improvement and Development Agency
Publication date:
01 January 2009


This report is about how local councils are working to meet the needs of the ageing population and enable older people to lead independent, active and health lives. It examines research, pilot projects and best practice. Contents include: introduction and policy context; the National Indicator Set for older people; local authority best practice in improving outcomes; key messages for effective ageing strategies; further information and support. The appendix comprises of case studies on: how Knowsley's Older Peoples' Voice is driving the vision and strategy for older people; how branding positive ageing has changed perceptions of people who live and work in Manchester; how Neighbourhood Network Schemes are reducing social isolation and improving health and wellbeing in Leeds; how a LinkAge Plus programme is improving information and access to services for people living in Tower Hamlets; how Merton's Partnership for Older People is improving access to information for people over 50; how Active Living centres are promoting health and wellbeing in Somerset. The National Indicator Set for older people and key initiatives and policy drivers for the ageing agenda are also summarised.