National audit of continence care: combined organisational and clinical report

SCIE Social Care Online
Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
Publication date:
01 January 2010


The first National Audit of Continence Care for Older People, sponsored by the Healthcare Commission, was published in November 2005. This report presents the results from the 3rd round of the organisational and clinical National Audit of Continence Care. The audit examined the structure and provision of care for people with bladder and faecal incontinence in primary care, secondary care and care homes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and compared this to current national guidelines. The results of the audit are discussed in relation to commissioning, organisational audit, policies and procedures, screening, training, user evaluation of services, continence products and patient/carer information and support. The audit found many people continue to suffer unnecessarily with bladder and/or bowel incontinence. It is suggested that further work is needed by developing commissioning frameworks, improved training with regard to national guidelines and empowering patients to increase their expectations of care. Tables and figures are included.