An evaluation of a mindfulness group

SCIE Social Care Online
Whiting and Birch
Publication date:
01 January 2009


This article describes a mindfulness group and its evaluation. There were 10 participants in the group who were recruited via posters and information displayed in the local Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) and Centre for Psychological Therapies. Participants included people who were involved with the local CMHT, people who had previously attended groups or counselling and one person who had no previous involvement in mental health services. There were 7 women and 3 men. The group was facilitated by the authors. The course content combined knowledge and exercises from mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for depression, mindfulness aspects of dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT) and psychosynthesis therapy. The programme consisted of 10 planned sessions which taught different skills each week. The group was evaluated by means of anonymous pre-group and post-group questionnaires. Seven subjects fully completed the group. The results of the evaluation and informal feedback indicated that the majority of participants who completed the course found it helpful. It had modest but significant effects on people’s mental health and well being. A monthly mindfulness group has since been established. The authors discuss the advantages and limitations of mindfulness groups.