Nutritional advice in common clinical situations (revised August 2009)

SCIE Social Care Online
British Geriatrics Society
Publication date:
01 January 2009


Under-nutrition in older people admitted to hospital is common, and the risk of being malnourished increases during hospitalisation. It is also poorly detected by nursing and medical staff. This good practice guide paper covers nutrition screening, the importance of creating the right environment to support eating and drinking, management of under-nutrition in hospital, ethical and legal considerations, nutrition and stroke, nutrition and dementia, and nutrition in the community and care homes. It includes reference to key resources and guidance about nutritional care in hospital, and makes recommendations covering the advice of dieticians and speech and language therapists, training to enable health professionals to assess and meet nutritional demands, management of dysphagia, policies for review of patients, and development of policies to support nutrition which include auditable standards.