Setting the bar: monitoring of compliance: guidance for inspectors

SCIE Social Care Online
Care Quality Commission
Publication date:
01 January 2010


The aim of registration in health and adult social care services is that people can expect services to meet essential standards of quality and safety and respect their dignity and rights. This guidance explains where the bar is set when monitoring compliance of registered health and adult social care services – in other words, the difference between complying and failing to comply with the essential standards – and how this helps to determine what our regulatory response should be following stage 4 of the Judgement framework. It provides a framework from which we can make consistent decisions about what we will do in order to ensure that services meet essential standards of quality and safety. It includes: what we should do when we have identified concerns about compliance using the judgement framework; what this means for the location at which the regulated activity is carried out; and what this means for the provider as a whole. This guidance should be read in conjunction with the Judgement framework, guidance on how providers are monitored and checked, and enforcement policy in order to make consistent and robust decisions about the type of regulatory response that should be taken when concerns are identified.