This overview guidance aims to provide clarification of equality and human rights issues when monitoring compliance of health and adult social care services under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. It is primarily to support inspectors, but it will be useful for other CQC staff carrying out the regulation of health and social care providers, for example in registration, enforcement and methodology development. The guidance provide: an overview of human rights and equality legislation and how such legislation impacts upon CQC’s regulatory role; information about CQC’s approach to equality and human rights; and information about what should be done if there is a concern that a provider may be in breach of equality or human rights law. The guidance should be used as reference material in order to check understanding of the CQC approach to equality and human rights and the law in this area. The purpose of the document, and the related guidance on equality and human rights in outcomes, are to provide support to inspectors when they are checking compliance, so they know what to look for and are clear about the role they have to play.