The social care needs of people affected by cancer: research insights

SCIE Social Care Online
Macmillan Cancer Support
Publication date:
01 January 2013


The needs of many people affected by cancer are not being met, resulting in financial hardship, emotional distress and being unable to get on with daily life. Significant clusters of unmet needs concern the management of daily life, emotions, and changing social identity. This suggests cancer services are less responsive to the non-clinical aspects of the cancer experience. The social care needs of people affected by cancer will vary greatly from person to person. They will be influenced by stage in the cancer journey, demographic and socioeconomic status, and the level of caring support provided. Current estimates are that 1.1 million people provide caring support to someone with cancer; and Carers UK estimates that all carers save the tax payer approximately £119 billion per year. This report aims to establish what is currently known (or unknown) about social care for people affected by cancer; and to inform the development of the second version of an invitation to tender (ITT) for externally commissioned research into social care for people affected by cancer. The report is based on findings from desk-based research primarily using internet searches, PubMed, and Web of Knowledge.