Putting personal budgets into practice: a guide to volunteer-supported delivery

SCIE Social Care Online
Age UK
Publication date:
01 January 2014


The purpose of this toolkit is to promote good practice in delivering personal budgets to older people. It is structured around three levels of volunteer intervention, and lays out the main elements of these in terms of the training, deployment and supervision of volunteers in delivering the support older people need to fully realise the benefit of PBs. The three levels of intervention encompass both assessment and review, these being the two areas of process that most significantly involve the person taking up a PB. All three levels are equally important, with level 1 providing the core element of information and advice, level 2 providing the all-important level of outreach support in the form of home visits, and level 3 consolidating the level of co-operation on the part of local authorities that is crucial to the system as a whole. The document includes an outline of the policy context.