Dataset for histopathology reporting of mucosal malignancies of the larynx

Royal College of Pathologists - RCPATH
Royal College of Pathologists
Publication date:
25 November 2013


This document presents the core data that should be provided in histopathology reports on specimens of mucosal malignancies originating in the larynx. Malignancies arising in the oral cavity, pharynx, nose and paranasal sinuses are described in companion datasets, although most of the guidance is the same for each site.

The guidance is derived mainly from data on squamous cell carcinomas, which account for 90% of malignancies, but similar principles may be applied to the reporting of other mucosal malignancies arising in this anatomical area including adenocarcinomas, malignant melanoma and neuroendocrine epithelial neoplasms that are important considerations in the differential diagnosis but are not described in detail.