Tissue pathways for gynaecological pathology

Royal College of Pathologists - RCPATH
Royal College of Pathologists
Publication date:
14 January 2015


The previous guidelines published in 2008 have now been revised to ensure that all recommendations are up to date, that terminology complies with recommendations in the 2014 revision of the WHO classification of tumours of the female reproductive tract, and that the document complies with the revised format of the tissue pathway series.

This document provides guidance on the specimen handling and reporting of tissue specimens from the

  • vulva
  • vagina
  • cervix
  • endometrium
  • myometrium uterus
  • adnexa

and relates primarily to those biopsies taken for the investigation of benign or pre-neoplastic conditions at these anatomical sites. The specimens described in this guideline are currently reported by most histopathology departments in the UK.

The purpose of these guidelines is to promote a uniform good practice of specimen handling and reporting in histopathology departments and to assist cellular pathologists to provide a high standard of care for patients in the reporting of benign and pre-neoplastic gynaecological specimens. The tissue pathways are important as they provide a consistent approach to managing this range of pathological specimens and highlight the use of ancillary techniques when appropriate.