Dataset for histopathology reports on primary bone tumours

Royal College of Pathologists - RCPATH
Royal College of Pathologists
Publication date:
27 January 2015


This dataset is intended to provide pathologists with a guide to the core data that should be included in histopathology reports of primary benign and malignant bone tumours. It also provides guidelines to assist in the provision of data required in histopathology reports of bone tumour specimens. The guidelines and core data can be used in conjunction with information from other pathological studies. Participation by bone histopathologists in an external quality assessment (EQA) scheme, to maintain a high standard of histological reporting of bone tumours, is required. The guidelines in this dataset pertain to the histopathological techniques and reporting of specimens of primary bone tumours and do not apply to tumours metastatic to bone. The guidelines refer mainly to best practice related to bone tumours encountered in orthopaedic practice. Principles of specimen handling and reporting may need to be modified where bone tumours arise in specific sites which fall within the province of other specialist pathologists (e.g. head and neck, oral pathologists) who will participate in an EQA that contains a relevant bone tumour component.