Market oversight of 'difficult to replace' providers of adult social care: guidance for providers

SCIE Social Care Online
Care Quality Commission
Publication date:
01 January 2015


This guidance sets out information about the Market Oversight Scheme and the CQC approach to operating it. Market Oversight is a statutory scheme, as set out in the Care Act 2014, through which CQC will assess the financial sustainability of those care organisations that local authorities would find difficult to replace should they fail and become unable to carry on delivering a service. It is to protect people using care services and their families and carers from the anxiety and distress that may be caused by the failure of a major care provider and to minimise any disruption to their care. The guidance is primarily intended for providers of adult social care that will be in the scheme and will enable them to understand: what the Market Oversight Scheme requires of them; how their financial sustainability will be assessed and how often we will meet with them; and how the scheme might work through all the stages of the operating model.