Care Act first-phase reforms: local experience of implementation: local government

SCIE Social Care Online
National Audit Office
Publication date:
01 January 2015


This report highlights the issues that nine case study local authorities have identified as important to them in carrying out the Care Act. It focuses on: the issues around estimating demand and how some of the case study areas have approached these issues (Part One); and how the case study areas are using information technology, building on existing initiatives or bringing in new ones to support those who use care and support, their families and carers (Part Two). The examples from the case study areas show how different authorities are addressing the areas of biggest risk around uncertainty in demand from carers and self-funders. They show how they have developed new initiatives or built on existing ways of working to help achieve the Care Act’s objectives, helping to empower people who use care and support, their families, and carers, to be able to find help, and maintain their independence.