Healthcare public health in England: capacity and capability review

SCIE Social Care Online
Faculty of Public Health
Publication date:
01 January 2016


This report summarises the responses of around 110 directors of public health, training programme directors and specialty registrars who responded to survey and focus-group work exploring their views on the state of the public health function - particularly in relation to capacity and capability around Healthcare Public Health (HCPH). Responses from Scotland were very positive, but the situation in England was very mixed with some real challenges and concerns. The findings suggest that HCPH has real value in its role providing and supporting clinically-led commissioning - acting as clinical advisors to commissioners and providing vital support for the development of services between clinicians and commissioners; current NHS CCGs value HCPH having a core role but current CCG capacity is reported as reduced in many areas; and there appears to be a lack of training opportunities in England specifically in HCPH in NHS settings. The report calls for the system to consider additional actions to safeguard and maintain the skills needed at specialist level to provide local HCPH input back into the NHS as set out in the 2012 Act.