[PDF] Guidelines for caring for an infant, child, or young person who requires enteral feeding

Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network - GAIN
Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network (GAIN)
Publication date:
25 February 2015


The aims of this clinical guideline are:

  • to ensure that all practices associated with the commencement, care, management and replacement of enteral feeding devices in infants, children and young people are based on the best current evidence.  
  • to standardise practice both for the management of enteral feeding and replacement of enteral feeding devices across all Health and Social Care Trusts to ensure a consistent approach for staff and families.  
  • to provide a standardised approach to training for all staff and parents whose infants/children/young people require enteral feeding.  
  • to improve communication and documentation processes between hospital and community for infant/children/young people that require enteral feeding.    

Note: This guideline excludes neonates/ pre-term babies because their physiology is different to that of an older baby. As a result, staff caring for such babies within neonatal units should adhere to national, regional and local guidance.

Throughout these guidelines the terminology ‘child’ covers infant, child and young person.