[PDF] Guideline for regional In-Utero transfer of high risk women within Northern Ireland, (including potential transfer outside Northern Ireland via air ambulance)

Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network - GAIN
Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network (GAIN)
Publication date:
01 December 2016


This clinical guideline has been developed using research evidence, expert opinion and professional consensus to provide the best available evidence-based practice for the regional transfer of mothers and babies In-Utero between hospitals and maternity units, including the potential transfer outside Northern Ireland (NI) by road/air ambulance. As different teams of doctors and midwives are involved in the management of patients, this guideline is not prescriptive and should take into account individual variations and needs. The purpose is to provide a safe and efficient In-Utero Transfer service within the maternity network and applies to all obstetric units throughout Northern Ireland. The guideline summarises best available evidence regarding In-Utero Transfer and details a transfer proforma to be completed with every patient and placed at the front of the Northern Ireland Maternity Handheld Record.