[PDF] Peritoneal access : 5th edition

Renal Association
Renal Association
Publication date:
22 September 2009


The current version provides a summary of recommendations for best practice in creating peritoneal access for patients on peritoneal dialysis. A more detailed review of peritoneal access is available in the Report from the Renal Association Working Party on Peritoneal Access (final version April 2008). (www.renal.org).

These guidelines are evidence based where such evidence exists. The published literature was reviewed at www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed using the search term “peritoneal dialysis catheter” identifying 2320 references. Adding the term “trial” reduced this number to 216. These were individually reviewed to identify possible randomised controlled trials, meta-analyses, guidelines and reviews that were considered in the preparation of the document. The document has been reviewed by all authors and has been placed for consultation on the Renal Association website and discussed at the Clinical Guidelines Committee. It has also been reviewed by a consumer research panel run by Jane Ash (Special Projects Administrator, North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire Comprehensive Local Research Network) and by renal patients in Sheffield UK.