Treatment of acute hyperkalaemia in adults

NICE Accredited

Renal Association
Renal Association;Resuscitation Council (UK)
Publication date:
01 March 2014


This guideline has been developed to improve the treatment of acute hyperkalaemia and reduce the risk of complications associated with hyperkalaemia and its treatment. 

This guideline is a collaboration between the Renal Association and Resuscitation Council (UK). The multidisciplinary writing group consists of nephrologists, intensivists, resuscitation experts, a clinical biochemist, renal nurses and a renal pharmacist.  Each contributor was nominated by their organisation to represent their specialist area. The group met in November 2010 in Fife, Scotland to agree the scope for the guideline and critically assess the available evidence for the treatment of acute hyperkalaemia. 

This guideline has been reviewed by the Renal Association Clinical Practice Guideline Committee and the Resuscitation Council (UK) Executive Committee.  Wider consultation has also been sought via the Renal Association and Resuscitation Council (UK) website.