[PDF] Evaluation of Phase 1 of the One-to-One Support Implementation Project: Final Report

Macmillan Cancer Support
Macmillan Cancer Support
Publication date:
27 April 2015


Macmillan Cancer Support carried out a major project to pilot new ways of providing one-to-one support for people with cancer across the UK. The process is split across two phases, with phase 1 (April 2012–November 2014) piloting the new approach in 16 sites across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The project began in 2012 and will be delivered over 7-10 years. Read the baseline report [PDF].

Macmillan worked with 16 partner organisations to pilot and evaluate four new workforce roles in practice, as part of local care pathway redesign, providing evidence of cost-effectiveness, quality of patient reported outcomes and patient reported experience.

The final evaluation report indicates that by working together, the new roles and existing cancer workforce have enabled people living with cancer to have the time and guidance they require to identify their concerns, manage their own care and take back control. This has also had the positive outcome of helping to improve patient experience at the pilot sites.