[PDF] Medicines Identified as Low Priority for Funding in NHS Wales

All Wales Medicines Strategy Group - AWMSG
All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG)
Publication date:
23 October 2017


The purpose of the document is to encourage clinically effective and cost effective use of resources at a time when there are real financial pressures on the NHS. The document provides prescribing advice to clinicians and health boards in Wales, with the aim of reducing unwarranted variation in medicines that should not routinely be prescribed. It will be for health boards to interpret the advice and determine how it is best implemented; this will include determining the circumstances in which these medicines should or should not be used. Prescribers are expected to have due regard for this advice when deciding whether or not to prescribe these medicines. However, the guidance contained herein does not remove the clinical discretion of the prescriber in accordance with their professional duties