Guidelines for the management of patients with pancreatic cancer periampullary and ampullary carcinomas

British Society of Gastroenterology - BSG
British Society of Gastroenterology
Publication date:
13 May 2005


Aims: These guidelines have been produced to help clinicians in the management of pancreatic and periampullary cancers. Pancreatic cancer is an important health problem for which no simple screening test is available. The strongest aetiological association is with cigarette smoking, although at risk groups include patients with chronic pancreatitis, adult onset diabetes of less than two years’ duration, hereditary pancreatitis, familial pancreatic cancers, and certain familial cancer syndromes.

Intended audience: Clinicians, surgeons, oncologists, endocrinologists, histopathologists, radiologists.

Publication history information: Published May 2005. Guidance published more than 5 years ago but publisher has confirmed its continued validity (April 2011).

Access: Available to the general public.