Commissioning parenting and family support for troubled families

SCIE Social Care Online
Early Intervention Foundation
Publication date:
01 January 2017


This guide, commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government, offers advice on commissioning parenting support for disadvantaged families with complex needs, as part of the Troubled Families programme. It looks at 23 parenting interventions which have evidence of improving outcomes for children and families with characteristics similar to the families targeted by the programme. It also provides advice on implementing these parenting interventions effectively. Sections cover: how adverse circumstances can impact on parenting and family functioning and how these cycles might be reversed; key principles of effective parenting interventions, including what they can achieve, their relative costs and the circumstances under which they work best; and the factors that commissioners should consider when selecting and implementing evidence-based parenting interventions for their local area. The guide also summarises the key features of 23 interventions and looks at the cost benefits of some of these programmes. Three case examples are included to illustrating how evidence-based interventions could replace or supplement some Troubled Families activities. An accompanying slide pack provides further details of where savings might be achieved.