Making Individual Placement and Support work: an evaluation of implementation and sustainability

SCIE Social Care Online
Centre for Mental Health
Publication date:
01 January 2017


An independent evaluation of the success factors for the implementation and sustainability of Individual Placement and Support (IPS), and evidence-based approach to supporting people with severe mental health problems into employment. Interviews were carried out across six sites where IPS was being expanded, to explore the critical success factors for implementing and sustaining IPS services. The evaluation found that IPS services helped people to get jobs, developed clients' confidence and, as a result, improving staff morale. Organisational factors that helped in the adoption of IPS included a recovery-focused culture, 'pioneers' within the organisation who had already used IPS, and good relationships with other employment services. The evaluation also identified challenges in implementing a new service, such as significant change management, the need to build strong cross-sector relationships with other services, and a lack of clarity over role boundaries. The report makes recommendations to help organisations to expand the provision of IPS, building on the learning from the Making IPS Work project.