Melodies and memories: music and cultural expression

SCIE Social Care Online
Publication date:
01 January 2018


Two musicians, James and Marc who are founders of Wellspring Music were commissioned by the Arts Council England, Nottingham Hospitals' Charity and the League of Friends to bring high quality , interative music into health care settings. They set out through music-making to facilitate reconnection to personal and cultural identity with the aim of also of improving people's health and wellbeing. James and Marc took their music to "disadvantaged people with dementia" in three locations: an acute hospital ward for elderly people who also have dementia, and to two nursing homes in rural locations. This article describes their approach, how the project was evaluated and outcomes from the project. Findings from the project indicated that James and Marc were successful in bringing cultural expression to their target groups, as borne out by the high figures for singing, playing and dancing.