Supporting older people with hearing loss in care settings: a guide for managers and staff

SCIE Social Care Online
Action on Hearing Loss
Publication date:
01 January 2018


This guide provides information to help care home staff and managers to provide high-quality care and support to older people with hearing loss living in nursing, residential or extra care settings. The guide provides information on how managers and staff to: identify and check for hearing loss; improve hearing aid use and management; meet communication needs; provide assistive listening devices; identify and manage other ear problems, such as tinnitus and ear-wax blockages; and appoint Hearing Loss Champions. It also provides examples of how key question areas within the Care Quality Commission’s Inspection Framework might apply to older people with hearing loss. Previous research has shown that identifying and managing hearing loss in care home residents effectively can result in improved quality of life, by reducing loneliness and social isolation, and by improving their overall health and wellbeing. The guide has been developed following the Hear to Care project, worked with longer-term care settings to pilot and test changes or improvements that can be made to improve the diagnosis and management of hearing loss among residents.