Stop smoking interventions and services : guidance (NG92)

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE
Publication date:
28 March 2018


This guideline covers stop smoking interventions and services delivered in primary care and community settings for everyone over the age of 12. It aims to ensure that everyone who smokes is advised and encouraged to stop and given the support they need. It emphasises the importance of targeting vulnerable groups who find smoking cessation hard or who smoke a lot.


This guideline includes recommendations on:

Who is it for?

  • Commissioners and providers of stop smoking interventions or services, including those in the voluntary and community sectors who have a role or responsibility for this
  • Health, social care and other frontline staff with links to stop smoking services who engage with people who smoke
  • Health and wellbeing boards
  • Members of the public who want to stop smoking or who want to help others to stop

Guideline development process

How we develop NICE guidelines

NICE worked with Public Health England to develop this guidance.

This guideline updates and replaces NICE guidelines PH1 (March 2006) and PH10 (February 2008).