2018 United Kingdom National Guideline for the Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

NICE Accredited

British Association for Sexual Health and HIV - BASHH
British Association for Sexual Health and HIV
Publication date:
21 February 2018


What is new in the 2018 update? the role of Mycoplasma genitalium as an important cause of PID has become clearer and testing is recommended for women presenting with possible PID and the male partners of women with confirmed M. genitalium infection recent evidence suggests that serious adverse events are uncommon when using moxifloxacin and its use is now recommended as a first line therapy, especially in those women with M. genitalium PID the potential utility of MRI scanning of the pelvis in excluding differential diagnoses has been highlighted doxycycline is now suggested as empirical treatment for male partners of women with PID to reduce exposure to macrolide antibiotics which has been associated with increased resistance in M. genitalium references have been updated the Grade system for reporting strength of evidence has been adopted