Guide to involving junior doctors in clinical audit and quality improvement

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership - HQIP
Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
Publication date:
01 October 2016


All junior doctors are expected to carry out clinical audits as part of meeting their training requirements. This guide describes how NHS trusts can manage the participation of junior doctors in clinical audit so that the clinical audits carried out by juniors are valuable, both to the NHS trust and to the doctors who carry them out. It includes the following:

  • what's acutally required and expected of junior doctors in relation to clinical audit
  • why NHS trusts should be actively helping junior doctors do clinical audits
  • the nature of the commitment needed by everyone involved to get valuable clinical audits done by junior doctors
  • the training junior doctors need on clinical audit
  • the individuals who should help junior doctors and how they should help
  • the systems that have to be communicated to junior doctors and how the systems have to work to support junior doctors
  • ways to provide recognition for junior doctors' clinical audits
  • suggestions for subjects of clinical audits junior doctors can or should do
  • how to assess and improve current arrangements to support junior doctors' involvement in clinical audit