[PDF] Pharmacological management of cancer pain in adults: National Clinical Guideline No. 9

Department of Health Ireland (An Roinn Slainte)
Department of Health Ireland (An Roinn Slainte)
Publication date:
01 November 2015


From the guideline:

The clinical burden of cancer pain is significant. Despite the advances in the management of pain since the first publication of the WHO cancer pain guidelines in 1986, there is evidence that there are significant variations in the success rates of its management. The increasing number of cancer survivors who live to an advanced age means that it is of paramount importance to reduce the prevalence of pain. The expected outcome of this guideline is to reduce cancer patient’s pain and to improve their quality of life. The National Clinical Programme for Palliative Care has developed National Clinical Guideline Number 10 for Management of Constipation in Adult Patients Receiving Palliative Care which complements this guideline.